Building a strong foundation for our youth through values, community , and faith-based education.


405 E. National Rd

Vandalia, Ohio 45377

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405 E. National Road
Vandalia, Ohio 45377

937 898 5104

937 454 4790 fax


Quotes from Parents

“It’s a big loving and supportive family.  A kind of family that gets you through Pandemic.”  – Hannah C.

“It feels so warm and welcoming the moment you walk in.”  – Kim O.

“The staff, small community, the things my kids learn there during the day that are not in textbooks.” – Abby S.

“Many things, but the care and personal attention to our child is at the top of the list.”  – Alicia 

“The community/family atmosphere.  Having K-8 in one building offers many opportunities not found in other educational settings.”  – Jacqueline R.

“I like the faculty and their dedication toward the students.  Everyone is very responsive and thoroughly addresses a parent’s concerns. They truly care about the families.” – Laura B.

“The foundation for their faith, the outstanding teaching, and the great skills  they carry with them the rest of their academic career. I have seen how that has helped them succeed after they have left St. Chris.”  – Holly J.

“The thing I like most about St. Chris is the teachers. I have loved every single teacher my son has had. They are so easy to talk to and have been so understanding through everything. 10 stars!  – Anne L.

“My children are growing in faith and education. They have teachers that make them truly feel loved and cared for. My kids are always excited to go back to school to see their teachers and friends.  It is such a healthy, positive, Christ-filled environment.”  – Elena P.

“We have children in three different schools and I’ve played close attention to the quality of education this year. St Christopher is absolutely knocking it out of the park in every area and consistently exceeding our expectations.  If I knew then what I know now, my older children would have attended St. Christopher too.”  – Rebecca S.

“We couldn’t be more pleased with St. Christopher School. They have handled the pandemic with patience, grace, and adherence to details.  The staff and administration have provided options along the way to try and meet the immediate needs of students and families.  Having had students in St. Christopher for the previous eleven years, we have always been impressed with the academic rigor and spiritual guidance. However, during this pandemic, they have exceeded all expectations with the creation of school culture along with the rigorous academic focus.  Our children have greatly benefited by experiencing the spiritual family atmosphere that is created along with the emphasis on service and service leadership.  We highly recommend St. Christopher School.” – Steve & Colleen K.

Quotes from Alumni


“I feel like if I had not gone to a Catholic grade school, I would not have the faith and relationship with God, that I do now.”  – Sydney J.

“St. Chris was a great foundation for me, and I would recommend the school to anyone!”
– Marlena H.

“St. Chris had a part in my development because I was pushed to be the best by my teachers.   I was also pushed to act with love and care towards everyone.”   – Dylan S.

“There is no question that my experience at St. Chris helped shape who I am today and prepared me with the skills necessary to successfully achieve my educational and career goals.”  – Pat B.

“I think my elementary Catholic education helped me become a leader by being involved in prayer families, showing compassion by giving to those in need and volunteering my time to different organizations through the SOS program.”   – Garrett S. Chris

“Having friends and peers from all over the country often makes me reflect on my roots. Growing up in Vandalia and attending St. Chris profoundly shaped my identity. I’m excited to see where the coming years take me, but I will be forever thankful for the foundation that St. Chris gave me.”  – Ally F.

St. Chris placed a strong foundation in my life for me to build upon. I was always encouraged to grow in my relationship with the Lord and those around me. They planted seeds which have grown into beautiful fruits in my young adult life. I am forever grateful for my experience at St. Chris.  – Kaitlyn C.

“I didn’t really understand while I was at St. Chris how far ahead we were in our learning compared to other schools, but as soon as we hit high school the difference was incredible!    Almost my entire freshman and some of my sophomore year seemed like a review of what we had already learned.   I also came to appreciate how much the teachers at St. Chris care.”  – Joel S.

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