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Student Code of Conduct

St. Christopher School Code of Conduct and Behavior for Students

To have a safe and effective teaching and learning environment, it is necessary to have a code of conduct indicating offenses and consequences in regards to student behavior.  It is necessary to have this code to guide students and correct poor choices that in the opinion of the St. Chris faculty and staff interrupt the order that is needed when serving 250 students while enabling teachers to focus on what they do best – teach!

With this in mind this code of conduct and behavior defines offenses into three groups (A, B and C) and the subsequent consequences from least serious to most serious.

St. Chris School reserves the right to modify these offenses and consequences if we determine an action to be inappropriate to the teaching and learning environment and in keeping with our Catholic values and teachings.

It must be added that St. Chris School routinely recognizes all students who exhibit strong values, cooperation and leadership.  Perfect attendance, punctuality and zero demerits/detentions will also be recognized.


Demerits – They may be issued for a breach of classroom and/or school rules.  Parents are provided the demerit form with a written notification of the infraction.  Accumulation of 3 demerits in a trimester will result in a Wednesday detention.  Demerits do not accumulate over the year and are forgiven at the end of the trimester.

Noon Detention – Student will have his lunch and recess period in the Principal’s office for a 30 minute period.

Wednesday Detention – Assigned from 2:45 PM to 3:45 PM every Wednesday.  Parents are notified with written notification.  Receiving three, four, or five demerits in a trimester will receive result in a Wednesday detention.

In-School Suspension – The student will be required to report to school each day and will be placed in an isolated area to complete their school work.  Student is ineligible to participate in any school activity, practice or performance.

Out of School Suspension – The student is not permitted to attend school for a period of time not to extend for more than 10 consecutive days.  Student is ineligible to participate in any school activity, practice or performance.    A meeting with the student, parent, and principal is required.  The suspension notice will be in writing with the type of offense clearly stated.  This is considered the student’s right of due process.

Expulsion – Student is removed permanently from school due to a Type C student violation or continual disregard and disobedience of our Code of Conduct.

Success Plan – Students that accumulate six demerits in a trimester will be placed on a Success Plan.  The school and parents will meet with the student to create an agreement on a plan to improve on detrimental student behaviors.  The plan is a commitment by the student to immediately improve and sustain their behavior and/or academic effort to an acceptable level to remain a student at St. Chris School.   The student’s primary teacher will provide a written progress report to the student and parents every two weeks.  The goal of the Success Plan is that the plan will no longer be necessary due to a positive change in the student’s behavior and/or academic effort.

Group A, B, and C Offenses and Consequences:

 Group A Offenses:

  • Disobedience/non-compliant behavior
  • Disrespect
  • Cheating/dishonesty
  • Disruptive behavior
  • Inappropriate language/materials/obscene gestures/inappropriate dress
  • Unexcused Tardy*
  • No gum


  • Apology
  • Follow teacher classroom rules and consequences
  • Demerit
  • Detention – Noon or Wednesday detention


The school day starts promptly at 7:50 AM.  Students are to be in their homeroom at the time the bell rings.  Any student who arrives in their classroom after 7:50 AM will need to report to the office and sign in and receive a pass.  If a student has 4 unexcused lates or tardies in a month they will receive a noon time detention.   The 5th unexcused late will render an after school detention.  We are putting an emphasis on punctuality.  Being on time is important to the smooth operation of a school.  A notification will be sent to the parent upon the third unexcused late.

Group B Offenses:

  • Inappropriate use of social media
  • Threaten assault
  • Extorting money or anything else of value from another student
  • Vandalism or destruction of school property or personal property of students, staff or visitors
  • Stealing
  • Possession/use of tobacco or e-smoking
  • Leaving assigned area on school property/school event or leaving school property without permission
  • Fighting on school property, en-route to and from school or at any school event. A genuine effort to avoid engaging in an altercation must be evident on the part of the responding party.
  • Plagiarism
  • Cutting class
  • Bullying/hazing/harassment- verbal or physical
  • Disruption of school or any related event
  • Misuse of school property
  • Public display of affection
  • Sexual harassment
  • Multiple violations


  • Apology
  • Demerit (s)
  • Detention- Noon or Wednesday detention
  • Success Plan
  • Suspension

Group C Offenses:

  • Assault on student or staff member
  • Possession, use, transmission of narcotics, alcohol and other drugs, substances or paraphernalia, including passing off a substance as a narcotic (for example oregano being passed off as marijuana)
  • Transmission concealment, creation handling and use of firearms or any other instrument that could do harm or cause fear (knives or chains)
  • Arson
  • False alarms and bomb threats
  • Violation of the Ohio Revised Code
  • Sexual Misconduct
  • Repeated school offenses and failure to successfully complete the Success Plan


  • Apology
  • Demerit
  • Detention- Noon or Wednesday
  • Success Plan
  • Emergency Removal
  • Suspension
  • Withdrawal
  • Expulsion

Search and Seizure

 Students have the right to privacy of their person and property and may be searched by the principal or his designee with just cause or suspicion.  Items or materials considered disruptive to the educational process or items possessed in violation of the student code can be confiscated by teachers or staff.

Desks and lockers are considered property of St. Chris School, are subject to inspection by the principal or his designee in case of an emergency or reasonable suspicion of a violation of the student code of conduct.


Student Responsibilities and Student Conduct

 Before school students are to:

  • Arrive on time between 7:30 AM up to the tardy time at 7:50 AM. Students will be marked tardy if they arrive in the classroom after 7:50 AM.

In the classroom students are to:

  • Be attentive, respectful and cooperative
  • Complete assigned class work homework and come prepared
  • Observe classroom rules

In the hallway students are to:

  • Walk quietly at all times
  • Extend courtesy and kindness to students and adults

During recess students are to:

  • Share and show courtesy and kindness in their play
  • Seek and receive permission from the adult supervisor before reentering the building
  • Inform adult supervisor if playground equipment out of designated play areas
  • No food, drink or gum is allowed outside for lunch time recess

In the cafeteria students are to:

  • Remain seated in their designated areas and talk quietly while eating
  • Clean up their table
  • Stay seated until dismissed by an adult


Student Confidentiality

 St. Chris teachers, aides, administration and office personnel are privy to confidential information about a student, the student’s family or a situation that requires confidentiality.  Teachers and staff members entrusted with this knowledge must be ethical and professional.  It is important that this information be held in confidence and we do not breach this level of trust.


Every student has the right to feel physically, socially and emotionally safe at St. Chris School.  St. Chris believes in creating a school environment that is immediately recognizable as Catholic and reflects the atmosphere of family life.  Bullying behavior is contrary to our Catholic beliefs on how we treat one another and is counter to one of our belief statements, “We are a faith community actively promoting and modeling the Gospel message.”  Bullying is a form of aggression different from normal conflict.  It is important to remember that bullying is an imbalance of power that is characterized by intentional and repeated actions to create stress, injury or discomfort to another.  Bullying implies that a student is being targeted with either physical or verbal actions.

These actions could include:

Punching, Shoving, Tripping, Name Calling, Gossip, Teasing, Humiliation, Ostracizing among many other types of hazing or intimidating behaviors.

What should a student do if he or she is the target of bullying?

  • Clearly and firmly tell the person to stop
  • Remove yourself from the situation
  • Do not retaliate
  • Immediately report an incident to an adult at school
  • Avoid being alone with the person involved
  • Inform your parents

What will the school do when an incident is reported?

  • Respond quickly and sensitively to the report
  • Maintain confidentiality, unless the victim is willing to confront the aggressor in the presence of the principal to resolve the issue
  • Deal with bullying on an individual basis
  • Provide immediate consequences for retaliation against students who report bullying
  • Communicate with parents

What will the St. Chris Community do to promote a safe environment?

  • Supervise students in all areas of the school and playground
  • Watch for signs of bullying and intimidating behaviors and intervene when it happens
  • Take seriously parent and student concerns regarding bullying

Please note the difference between rudeness, meanness and bullying.

Rudeness is when someone does something unintentionally hurtful and he/she does it ONCE.

Meanness is when someone does something intentionally hurtful and he/she does it ONCE.

Bullying is when someone does something intentionally hurtful and they keep doing it-even when you tell them to stop or show that you’re upset.