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405 E. National Road
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Mr. O’s Weekly News

August 16, 2022

Good Morning,

I understand there is confusion about our dismissal times and bus transportation for Vandalia Butler bus riders.  Here’s what I know:

  • St. Christopher School and I have a strong working relationship with Vandalia Butler School District.  I believe in their leadership and I appreciate all they do for us.  They do a lot for us and they do it well.  I am confident their intentions are solidly based in what is best for the community, as a whole.
  • We will do our best to accommodate whatever bus schedule and corresponding dismissal time VB requests of us.
  • Our start time will remain 7:50am and we request students arrive earlier enough to be in their desks and ready for announcements before 7:50am.
  • Our dismissal time will remain 2:40pm.
  • We will have VB bus riders ready at 2:30pm.
  • The VB Transportation Department invited me to a meeting in the spring when draft changes were discussed. I very much appreciated the invitation and I voiced my opinion regarding what was best for St. Christopher School.  Beyond that, I was not .  
  • I know this is stressful for many of you and I’m sorry for that.  This morning, Amy and I were discussing our heightened stress levels when our own kids rode the bus…100 years ago.
  • If I learn anything new from VB, I will share it with you.  However, as individual taxpayers and bus riders, you will hear things before I will. 

-Mr. O’

St. Christopher School Principal

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