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405 E. National Road
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Mr. O’s Weekly News

September 28, 2021

Hello Falcons Friends,

The purpose of this letter is to remind you of our Town Hall Meeting this Thursday at 7:00 PM in the St. Christopher School Cafeteria.

  • We are looking forward to an evening of sharing, listening, and learning.  The purpose of this meeting is for you to share your perspective with us.  It is not a time to argue or debate.
  • This is a private meeting for St. Christopher School community members only.  It is open to parents, guardians, faculty, and staff.  Due to space and social distancing constraints, the meeting is not open to extended family, friends, or the general public.
  • We encourage everyone to wear face masks and physically distance themselves while in the cafeteria, however, we will have space reserved, if that is not your preference.
  • Fr. John Tonkin and Principal O’Loughlin will be on the panel.
  • While guest speakers are welcome to comment on mask effectiveness and share resources, we will not be debating mask science at this meeting.  The school’s opinion on masking has already been shared.  If you choose to discuss this topic at the meeting and press for a debate, we will refer you to these three resources:
  • If you would like to speak at this Thursday’s meeting, please complete this Speaker Registration Form.
    • We will assign a speaking order to the list of names using a random number generator.
    • If you register, but then decide not to speak, we will simply move to the next person on the list. 
    • If you do not register, but later decide to speak, we will provide time at the end for additional speakers.
    • Guests will be invited to the microphone one at a time and will have (3) three minutes to speak.  Speeches will be timed and speakers will be asked to sit down once the three minute time limit has elapsed.
  • The meeting will end when all guests have had the chance to speak.
  • Audience members will not heckle or debate other audience members, guest speakers, or panel members.
  • If your words or actions are not productive and peaceful, you will be asked to leave the school grounds. 
  • Again, Thursday’s meeting is a time for sharing, listening, and learning.

If you have comments to share, but you are unable to attend the meeting, please email me and we can schedule a time to talk.

Thanks & Blessings!
Mr. O’

St. Christopher School Principal

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