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405 E. National Road
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937 454 4790 fax

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Mr. O’s Weekly News

August 18, 2023

Hello St. Christopher!!

I hope your children had a wonderful first week of school!  On behalf of our entire faculty and staff, thank you for being a part of our of our family!

The School Calendar is always posted on our school website. Here’s the DIRECT LINK.

Lunch Balances: please stay on top of your lunch balances.  When your account is depleted, your child will be allowed one Grace Lunch. After that, your child will not be able make any purchases in the cafeteria.  Last year, St. Albert Nutrition Service was overly generous and some families took advantage of them.  That cannot happen again. 

Volunteers: we desperately need more recess volunteers. If interested, please email Mrs. Bradley in the school office.

Substitute Teachers: we could also use additional substitute teachers. If interested, please email Mrs. Bradley.

Ed Choice Scholarships

  • Reminder: we are expecting every family to submit an EdChoice Application, either for Traditional EC (failing school district) or Expansion EC (income based).  If you do not apply, your tuition may be higher than you expected. Under Expansion EC, every family is eligible to receive a scholarship award.
  • Timeline
    • We started receiving final approvals this week. The portal opened 4 weeks ago. 
    • Allegedly, your application will be reviewed by EdChoice within 14 days and St. Chris will be notified within 14 days, if errors or deficiencies have been identified. Note: most applications contain errors or missing information, so a final approval in 14 days is rare. Once a scholarship award is finalized, an award letter and acceptance form are mailed to the parents/guardian.
    • Refunds will be processed every Tuesday with a 11 day lag. Example: refunds processed on Tuesday, August 22, must have been approved by EdChoice on or before Friday, August 11.Those who paid with a credit card will receive a refund to that same credit card.
      Those who paid by check, bank ACH or direct debit will receive a check in the mail.
  • If you need application assistance, please visit the EdChoice Website or email Mrs. Bradley.
  • EdChoice Income Verification Tips can be found at THIS LINK

Have a great weekend!
Mr. O’

St. Christopher School

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