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405 E. National Road
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937 454 4790 fax

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Mr. O’s Weekly New

January 28, 2022

Hello Falcon Families!

COVID Corner:

  • Good News: we experienced our first significant local case rate decline since October!
  • Bad News: we are still 2x the rate of our September peak.
  • Current Case Rates
    • Local: 1,984 (v. 2,659 last week)
    • County: 2,329 (v. 2,989 last week)
    • State: 1,582 (v. 2,154 last week)
  • Covid Exposures Outside of School: the quarantine rules for exposures in the classroom are different than the quarantine rules for exposures outside of the classroom (e.g., at home, in public places).
  • Contact Tracing: the ODH published new contact tracing guidelines this week.  The guidance is not yet completely clear, but, in essence, “universal” (i.e., case by case) contact tracing will no longer be required. The new rule will states contract tracing will only occur when a school/district exceeds a certain “outbreak/cluster” threshold.  This threshold metric has yet to be defined, but that may happen today or early next week.  In the meantime, we will continue to follow our current policies and procedures. Regardless of the ODH announcement and forthcoming metric, we will continue to notify parents of close contacts, so they can monitor symptoms more closely.

Ohio EdChoice 2022-2023 School Year:

  • Traditional EdChoice: the Designated/Failing School List for the 2022-2023 school year includes Dayton Public, Trotwood, and Northridge.  Students living in those public school districts will receive free tuition at St. Christopher if they apply for the EdChoice Scholarship.  Please email Mrs. Bradley in our office for more details.  Vandalia Butler, Northmont, and Tipp City are not on the list.
  • Expansion EdChoice: the 2022-2023 income eligibility guidelines have been updated as well.
  • More EdChoice information can be found on the Ohio EdChoice website.

Archdiocesan Junior High Retreat: the Archdiocese of Cincinnati is hosting a retreat called Into The Deep for grades 6-8 on February 18-19.





•         Please help us spread the good news about St. Christopher School!

•         Please help us to recruit for all grades, but especially grades K-2.

•          If you have friends or even friends of friends living in the Northridge Public School District, please reach out to them.  Northridge is once again on the failing schools list this year and Northridge students will receive full/free tuition.  Furthermore, that free tuition will remain with these students through 8th grade regardless of Northridge’s future ratings.  Northridge also offers bus service to St. Chris.

Re-Enrollment for current students will begin in February.  We are switching to an online re-enrollment process.  More to come next week!

St. Christopher, pray for us!

God Bless & Go Falcons!

Mr. O’
St. Christopher School Principal

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