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Registration Survey v2.0

August 7, 2020

Hello Falcon Parents!

I want to share a few updates with you and present you with one more survey. Several things have changed since my last letter and your preferences may have also changed.  

We are asking all families to complete one more survey because we are removing the 3-2 option, we are now requiring full-time masks, and we are reducing our social distance to 5′ in some cases.  

Updates & Changes
Most Recent Survey Results
*Learn at Home: 20%
*Flexible: 10%
*Learn in School: 70%
*The survey results were similar under both scenarios (i.e., 6′ versus 5′ of social distance).
*We will no longer offer the 3-2 Model because of the low number of students now in this category. This category no longer has a significant impact on social distancing and the challenges with this model now outweigh the benefits.
*Due to the removal of the 3-2 group, it will now be difficult to maintain 6′ of social distance at all times. We will strive to maintain 6′ or more of social distance, but 5′ will be the best we can do in some instances.  

*On Tuesday of this week, Governor DeWine mandated masks for all K-12 students.
*Since this is a mandate and not a mere recommendation, St. Christopher will now require full-time masks for all grades.  

Public Health Department
*On Friday of last week, the Public Health Department recommended, but did not mandate, all Montgomery County K-12 schools begin with remote learning.
*St. Christopher decided to remain open for two reasons:
**The Health Department’s recommendation was not a mandate. Therefore, we were free to make our own decision.
**We are still providing a remote learning option even though it is not our primary learning model.  

New Registration Survey
*Please complete the new survey even if your preference has not changed.
*You will receive a survey confirmation via email this time. Please keep your confirmation email, so you remember which model you selected come August 17th.
*Please complete a separate registration for every student.
*The deadline for survey response is tomorrow, Saturday, August 8th at 12:00 PM Noon.
*You are selecting a model for the months of August and September.
*The survey contains one question:
**If classrooms are 5 feet of social distance and masks are required full-time for all grades, then…
*Your two registration options are:
**I want my child learning at home.
**I want my child learning in school.  

You can complete your survey by clicking on the below link:
Registration Survey v2.0  

Coming Soon
*Healthy & Safety Plan
*Supply Drop-off Times
*Chromebook Pickup for Remote Learners
*Virtual Meet-the-Teacher
*Parent Technology Training  

As always, thank you!  

St. Christopher…pray for us!  
Mr. O’
St. Christopher School Principal
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