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Mr. O’s Weekly News

March 4, 2022

Hello Falcons Fams!

The above painting was designed by Mr. Rasor and painted by the entire student body.  It will eventually be hung in the school’s main lobby.

  • The focal point of the painting is the relationship between Jesus and St. Christopher.  St. Christopher represents all of us, as we search for God and seek a deeper relationship with Him.  As the story goes, Christopher dedicated his life to helping his neighbors cross a local river.  One day, after he helped a little boy cross the river, the boy revealed Himself as Jesus.   
  • The backdrop of our painting is similar to Van Gogh’s The Starry Night.
  • The contrast in styles represents the intersection of the supernatural (i.e., divinity) and the natural (i.e., humanity).
  • Jesus, in His full humanity and divinity, is being carried across the river by St. Christopher.   
  • The unique brush strokes in the sky give the illusion of movement.  We have the natural movement of clouds, but we also have the supernatural movement of the heavens when Jesus came to earth in the Incarnation.
  • The painting includes the Tree of Life from the Book of Genesis and the stained glass windows in St. Christopher’s church.
  • You also see four St. Christopher Falcons in the painting.  One Falcon remains in the tree (i.e., in school) and the other three Falcons represent St. Christopher graduates soaring high in the world.  This add another dimension of movement, as students are formed at St. Christopher and then move on to their next stage in life.

School Lenten Giving Project

  • “Create in me a clean heart, O God, and put a new and right spirit within me.” – Psalm 51:10
  • This year’s Lenten Project is a simple and creative way for St. Christopher students to develop “a clean heart…and…a new and right spirit” while working on a “clean” project.
  • Parishioners Dan and Lea Craine are laundromat owners and assured us their guests will be moved and brightened by our project.
  • We will make “Clean Kits” and the Craines will distribute them in their laundromats.
  • Students should make their kits at home and then bring the completed kits to school.
  • Please make as many or as few kits as you like.
  • The kits should be made in ziploc baggies and should contain:
    • Quarters
    • Soap Pods
    • Dryer Sheets
    • A sweet treat to eat while waiting on laundry
    • A homemade blessing card (notes of encouragement and joyful thoughts or pictures drawn and colored)
  • Students can drop off their kits in the laundry basket located in the school lobby.
  • The deadline is April 14th. 


  • Enrollment is now open to the public.
  • Current 2nd, 3rd and 4th grade families, please re-enroll at your earliest convenience.  These three grades are full for next year and we have a waitlist.  We hope you are returning next year, however, if you are not returning, we would like to enroll students from our waitlist before they go somewhere else.
  • If you have any enrollment questions, please email Mrs. Thompson.

School Uniform Sale – Wednesday, March 16th , 3:00-6:00 p.m. in school library

Iowa Testing (next week 3/7-3/10 with make-ups on 3/14)

  • Please go to bed on time or early
  • Have a good breakfast
  • Be to school on time
  • Don’t leave for appointments.

Spring Plant Sale is a school fundraiser and is going on now!

  • Plant Sale Link 
  • Plants are from Furst the Florist
  • “Early Orders” due by March 10th (the school receives an extra donation from Furst for “Early Orders”)
  • All Orders due April 7th
  • Plant Pick-Up is Thursday, May 12th   

Spring Picture Day (Tuesday, March 22nd)

  • Individual, group, and class pictures
  • All ordering will be online after the pictures are taken.  You will be able to see individual student proofs and be able to order class and group pictures.
  • A link to the Schwabe site will be sent home on paper and we will post it in future newsletters.

COVID Corner: Current Local Case Rate: Local: 57 (v. 124 last week)


No School on Friday March 11th for teacher professional development. 

8th Grade Retreat is March 16-18.

Spring Break is March 28th through April 1st.

Enrollment/Recruiting: Please help us recruit for all grades…especially grades K-2.

A very special Eucharistic Exposition, Adoration & Benediction event will take place in the St. Christopher church on Friday, March 25th at 6:45pm.  If you have never been to an event like this, please do not be intimidated by the fancy name.  You do not need to know or do anything.  Just come and hang out with Jesus.  All ages are welcome!

Have a great weekend!

God Bless & Go Falcons!
Mr. O’
St. Christopher School Principal

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