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937 898 5104

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Lunch Program

Lunch Program

March 2020 Lunch Menu


The school cafeteria serves hot lunch each day.  All food is prepared daily on site.  Students can choose a hot entrée or a peanut butter and jelly lunch plate.

Lunch, including milk, is $3.00.  Double Entree Lunch, including milk, is $3.50.  Milk may be purchased for $.60 cents.

St. Christopher cafeteria participates in the State Lunch Program.  Free and reduced lunches are available for those who qualify.  Forms for this program may be found in the Family Packet at the onset of the school year or upon request from the school office.

Children who choose not to take milk with lunch may request a cup for water.  The cafeteria should be notified of any student who has a food allergy.  A written statement from a physician must be on file in the school office.

Lunch Money

Lunch money may be turned in daily or on a pre-paid basis.  ALL LUNCH AND MILK MONEY MUST BE TURNED IN TO THE HOMEROOM.  No lunch money is taken in the lunch line.  All money turned in is credited to the child’s account in the morning and available for debit at lunchtime through a keypad system.  ALL MONEY MUST BE IN AN ENVELOPE WITH THE CHILD’S NAME AND HOMEROOM.  Online payments or tracking of your child’s account is available through  Please use your child’s six digit Option C ID number when setting up the account.

Packed Lunches

Students choosing to pack lunch may purchase milk separately.  Students are not permitted to purchase soft drinks during the school day.  A soft drink brought to school as part of a child’s lunch is not acceptable and will be confiscated by school personnel and replaced with water.

Packed lunch items not consumed by a child will be sent back home with the child.  This is done to give the parent some feedback about the child’s eating habits at school.  Sometimes parents may discover that too much food is being sent or in some cases not enough.  While prepackaged lunches are convenient and appealing to children, they are not the best choice.  These are expensive and children tend to throw away more than they eat.  Microwave ovens are available for student use.  However, using the microwave is very time consuming.  For this reason, we discourage foods that need to be heated.

Parents are now able to pay for school lunches online through PaySchools

*You will need to know your students 6 digit student id before logging into PayForIt.  You can locate their student id on Option C next to the student’s picture.