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405 E. National Road
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Drop-Off / Pick-up Information

Dear St. Chris Parents,

Hello Falcon Parents!  

Here is an attempt to cover all things “Car Rider Line.”  These guidelines are necessary to keep all of our children safe. That is our priority and it need it to be your priority too.

Here we go…

Car Rider Line AM

  • Per the image above, we have exactly 1 lane into the parking lot (red) and 1 lane out (red) of the parking lot during the AM Car Rider Line.
  • Cone Zone (see the yellow “C” in the image above): this is the only area where you may drop off children.
    • The beginning and end of Cone Zone are marked with a sign.
    • We need every car in Cone Zone to be in Unload Mode. When your car is stopped in the Cone Zone, your children should exit your car immediately.
    • Parents should not leave their car to help children unload.
    • If your children cannot exit your car on their own, please Park & Walk (see below).
    • Cone Zone is like a Cake Walk. You do not get to choose your spot. Once the farthest car stops at the farthest cone, and the line stops moving, your children must unload.
    • Please do not wait for a spot to open closer to the school doors.
    • Cone Zone rules do not change during bad weather.
  • Please do not:
    • pass other cars.
    • create your own drop-off route.
    • drive faster than 10 miles per hour while on campus.
    • drop off in the back of the school or on James Bohanan Drive.
    • drop off by the Child Care Center or in the St. Christopher Statue Circle.
    • drop off anywhere in the church parking lot unless you are a Park & Walk family (see below).
    • turn left onto James Bohanan Drive when exiting campus. If you have to wait to turn left, you will hold up the entire line. Please turn right, follow James Bohanan Drive to Maple Street, and access National Road near the BP gas station.
  • Please:
    • prepare your children for unloading before you enter the Cone Zone.
    • if your children need extra time to unbuckle, prepare backpacks, put on coats, pet the dog, etc., please Park & Walk (see below).
    • pull up to the last possible cone before unloading. We must utilize the entire Cone Zone to minimize drop-off times.

Park & Walk (purple area on the map above)

  • Safety cones are set up so that you should never need to cross moving traffic when Parking & Walking.
  • If you need to drop off or pick up your child at any other time of day, please park in the purple area and proceed to the School’s Main Doors instead of the Connector Doors (green) that are used during AM Drop Off.

Car Rider Line PM

  • Please enter the school parking lot using the same route as the morning route (red).
  • At 2:30PM, the school parking lot will open and you may enter.
  • Park according to the map above. If your last name begins with the letters A through L, please park on the left. You will exit the same way you entered.  Letters M through Z park on the right and exit behind the school.
  • Parents should remain in or stay close to their cars at all times, so teachers and children can easily find your car and expedite the pick-up process.
  • Please wait for a teacher to indicate when it is safe to start moving/exiting.
  • No cars should move until all children are in their cars and a teacher has released you. All cars will be released at the same time.
  • The lot will close at 2:40PM when children are dismissed from the school building. If you did not make the 2:40PM deadline, please wait until the lot is emptied and re-opened.
  • Park & Walk is not an option during PM Pick-up because it requires a different set up and traffic flow.
  • As mentioned above, if you ever need to pick up your child, please park in the purple area and walk to the School’s Main Doors instead of the Connector Doors. Please do not cross moving traffic.

Again, these guidelines are necessary to keep our children safe. Thank you for taking all of this into consideration before your next visit to campus. If you have any questions, please feel free to call or email the office. We are here to help!