St. Christopher School, under the leadership of the Sisters of the Precious Blood, opened its doors in the fall of 1959. For more than fifty years, children have received a spiritually rich and academically strong education in a nurturing environment. Over the years, the school has grown into a modern, well-equipped school with a computer lab, science lab, library and dining hall. This growth has been cultivated and nurtured through the strong support of the parish community, caring and involved parents, and dedicated teachers and staff.

With feet firmly rooted in faith and tradition, and an eye on the twenty first century, I look forward to the continued growth of St. Christopher School. This growth will stretch us and mold us to provide for the academic and spiritual needs of children who are facing a rapidly changing and technologically savvy world. The following pages provide just a snapshot of St. Christopher School. I invite you to come see the St. Christopher difference for yourself. Give me a call or drop me an e-mail with your questions or to schedule a tour.

God bless,

Mary R. Kincaid

What’s Happening Now?

Congratulations to Login Curtis and Nick Machuca

Login Curtis and Nick Machuca are headed to State with CJ’s wrestling team.

Congratulations to Joseph Castellano

Joseph Castellano has qualified to compete in the state level National Geographic Bee on April 1, 2016!

Winners of the Catholic Schools Week Tuition Discount

The winners of the Catholic Schools Week Tuition drawing are as follows:

Day 1 – The Stephens Family (2K)

Day 2 – The Bardonaro Family (KT)

Day 3 – The Renegado Family (KC)

Day 4 – The Wood Family (3S)

Day 5 – The Finch Family (6B)

The winners will receive $200 off of next year’s tuition cost. ¬†We would like to say a big THANK YOU to everyone who gave out an invite to St. Christopher’s open house.

“Congratulations to our Power of the Pen team”

St. Christopher’s Power of the Pen team performed outstanding at the Power of the Pen Competition. Our 8th Grade team came in 1st place, and our 7th Grade team came in 3rd. Congratulations to our writing teams and our teachers who take their time to support them.